World's Most Delicious Burgers and Texas' Best Pickers
About the Mean Woman Grill
The Mean Woman Grill is born from the ashes of a legendary restaurant in Levelland, Texas, that was widely known for the best burgers anywhere. But our new restaurant in Lubbock and under the same management has matured, grown and evolved in concept and menu choices. Today the Mean Woman Grill is an art venue, celebrating beauty in the form of food, music and visual art.

Yes, we are first and foremost a restaurant where we strive to create wonderful Americana food and good service. We now have sandwiches and quesadillas that many say rival our famous burgers, great salads, a growing list of delicious desserts and more.

And while we consider ourselves very much a part of the Lubbock Art Community, there’s no stuffiness here. It’s all meant to be fun, exciting and a great family destination. It’s a happening where great food, talented musicians, artists and mischievous waitresses combine to make your life just a little more fun.

Now Serving Breakfast from 7:00 am Fridays and Saturdays